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2017 Todd Kenady


A tribute to OSDS Western Director Todd Kenady
by Laura Vishoot August 2017
A handful of years ago, the Kenady family showed up on our local scene in a very big way.
Jumping in with all feet, Scott, Ashton and Todd Kenady became an integral part of our community. They brought the rest of their family along with them, hosting two big trials a year at their family farm in the beautiful Mohawk Valley.
Last weekend, Todd and his dog Boss were killed in an accident on their way to their sheepdog trial.
As the family strongly believed Todd would have wanted it, we carried on with the trial. It was a wonderful event, though somber and tearful as well.
Todd was in a wheelchair. I mention this because it is a part of Todd that inspired those of us who are walking around unimpeded, training our dogs, going over all kinds of terrain, doing whatever we feel like doing with our bodies to take some time for gratitude and perhaps humility. The things we take for granted, the insignificant annoyances that we allow to stand in the way of true appreciation and gratitude for our many gifts; these were often brought into focus when we saw Todd make his way to the post with Boss.
Todd lived his life with grace, courage and and strength. He ran his dog, put on a trial, did his work, was a beloved father, husband, brother, son, grandson and friend. He will always be an inspiration to those of us who have had the pleasure of knowing him.
My heart reaches out to the Kenady family. I believe that they have been asked, in this life, to deal with more than many of us have. I know I can speak for the whole of the Northwest sheepdog trialing community when I say that we are all grieving with you. Thank you for being a big part of all of our lives.
A trust fund for the education of Todd's thirteen year old son has been established; if anyone would like information on how to make a contribution, please IM me.
RIP Todd Kenady and Boss.