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Trial Results : August 1, 2018 through July 31, 2019

Trial Date Trial Name 
 August 3-5  Mohawk  SDT 2  All Results
 August 18-19  Double Nickle   All Results
 Aug 31 - Sept 1-2  Fidos Farm,Friends & Fleece SDT    All Results
 October 26-28  Fidos Farm,Friends & Fleece SDT    All Results
 October 28  Make that a Double   Results not received
 November 10  A Shepherds Retreat Winter Series SDT    All Results
 Nov 23-25  Fidos Farm,Friends & Fleece SDT  All Results
 Nov 24  Two Turkeys Act 1  Results not received
 Nov 25  Two Turkeys Act 2  Results not received
 Dec 1  A Shepherds Retreat Dec  All Results
Dec 28-30 Fidos Farm,Friends & Fleece SDT  All Results
Jan 5 A Shepherds Retreat Jan  All Results
 Jan 20  MacDonald's Winter Series  All Results
 Jan 25-28 Fidos Farm,Friends & Fleece SDT  All Results
 Feb 22-24 Fidos Farm, Friends & Fleece SDT  
 Mar 9-10  Packleader SDT  
 Mar 16-17  St Patricks Day SDT  
 Mar 16-18  Sandra Milberg  
 Mar 29-31  Fidos Farm, Friends & Fleece SDT  
 Mar 30-31  Packleader Nursery SDT  
 Apr 20-21  Packleader Apr SDT  
 Apr 26-28  Fidos Farm, Friends & Fleece SDT  
 May 18-19  Packleader Cattle Trial  
 June 6-9  Vashon Sheepdog Classic  
 June 15-16  Packleader Cattle Trial  
July 20-21  Packleader Cattle Trial  

NEW Point Year  
Aug  10-11  A Shepherds Retreat  
 Aug 16-19  Lacamas Valley SDT  
 Nov 9  A Shepherds Retreat Winter Series  
 Dec 7  A Shepherds Retreat Winter Series  
 Jan 4  A Shepherds Retreat Winter Series