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 Next OSDS Board meeting is set for Wednesday, April 9 at 7:00 pm.



Heppner Results are in!!

Congratulations  to all the winners. 

Top dog Saturday Andi with Patrick. 

Top dog Sunday Chime and Francis. (Chime is 11 and has won Heppner twice,)

It was very close race for the overall.  Patrick & Andi great combined score of 140 just squeezing out Scott and Bliss @ 139.  (breaking Scott’s 6 year streak)



A big Thank You to Francis Chai and Julie Roeter as they go off the Board.
Welcome to Sue Foster, Debbie Dunne and Jeanne Boudrieau.  We look
forward to a great year and as always please feel free to contact us!

The 2014 Board  consists of

Executive Committee

Past President-Diane Deal ('12, '13, '14)
President-Donna Grimes ('13, '14, '15)
Vice President-Sue Foster (also Statistician) ("14, '15, '16)
Secretary-Debbie Dunne ('14)
Treasurer-Jaenne Surrett ('14)
Webmaster-Jennifer Coleman ('14)


Director at Large- Jeanne Boudrieau ('14-'16)
Director at Large-Diane Pagel ('14-'16)
Eastern Director-Angie Untiz ('13-'15)
Western Director-Leslie Capik ('13-'15)




Congratulations to the 2013 Top 10 Teams in each class!!!


Rank   Handler  Dog
 Bill Orr  Sly
2  Lynn Johnston  Jesse
3  Patrick Shannahan  Riggs
4  Lynn Johnston  Anna
5  Noelle Williams  Lad
6  Lavon Calzacorta  Tess
7  Jo Ferguson  Gage
8  Dianne Deal  Zorro
9  Bob Hickman  Mojo
10  Maggi McClure  Rob

 Pro Novice

Rank   Handler  Dog
 Karen Child  Doug
2  Patrick Shannahan  Abby
3  Karen Child  Cam
4  Shane Harley  Cassie
5  Jennifer Coleman  Mac
6  Chris Sonderstorm  Playa
7  Karen Child  Ben
8  Patrick Shannahan  Flo
9  Jeanne Boudrieau  Secret
10  Lisa Lujan  Sage

 Novice Novice

Rank   Handler  Dog
 Sue Foster  Dot
2  Norm Rivers  Nova



Congratulations to Patrick Shannahan and Riggs, They are the 2010 National Champions!