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Oregon Sheep Dog Society promotes the effective use of stock dogs for herding sheep, cattle and other livestock. Learn about trials, clinics, training classes and how to join the society.


OSDS Members  

Dont miss the anual board meeting at Lacamas Valley Sheep Dog Trial

on August 16th @ 7pm


Next Board Meeting 08/06/2014 @ 7:00 PM


Check out our new Trainers page! 

Please email osds.webmaster@gmail.com if you like to be added.  free for members; non-members $25 yearly fee.



The 2014 Board  consists of

Executive Committee

Past President-Diane Deal ('12, '13, '14)
President-Donna Grimes ('13, '14, '15)
Vice President-Sue Foster (also Statistician) ("14, '15, '16)
Secretary-Debbie Dunne ('14)
Treasurer-Jaenne Surrett ('14)
Webmaster-Jennifer Coleman ('14)


Director at Large- Jeanne Boudrieau ('14-'16)
Director at Large-Diane Pagel ('14-'16)
Eastern Director-Angie Untiz ('13-'15)
Western Director-Leslie Capik ('13-'15)



Congratulations to Patrick Shannahan and Riggs, They are the 2010 National Champions!